Terms of service

Terms and conditions of use

1. This dating service (hereinafter - « site ») are dating and communication system that is guided by the administrator AlLoveDi.com (hereinafter - « Links »).
2. This Agreement if the use of the site (hereinafter - « Agreement ») applies to any use of the Site and to any messages, emails, any of placed information using the Site or similar services that are served by the Authority (the - « Message »).
3. By using the Site, you agree that you are over 18 years old and you have the right to accept this agreement.
4. Using the site, you agree to this Agreement and agree to its terms.
5. If you do not accept this Agreement, you may not use the Site and must not leave the message on the site.
6. The Authority may amend this Agreement at any time without notice. These changes become effective immediately upon posting on the Site at this address.
7. By using the Site, you confirm that you have the necessary hardware, software and the ability to use the Site, email and Internet access. You understand and agree that the Administration is not responsible for how the site will work with your system.

Terms of use

1. You can use the Site only for personal non-commercial use.
2. You can not transfer your right to use the Site to others without the prior written consent of the Administration.
3. Accordingly, you agree not to:
• use the Website for any commercial or business purposes;
• use your access to the Site or information received at the Site, to send uninvited messages, emails, etc.;
• enter without the consent of the Authority in agreement with other users of the Site are not offered to others to join in the operation of any goods, works or services; do not use the Website for illegal distribution of advertising or promotion.

Copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights

1. All rights to the software design, databases, patents and any rights to inventions, know -how, trade names, trade secrets, trademarks and designations of goods and services (both registered and unregistered) and any of their parts (hereinafter - « intellectual property rights »), on this website are used by the Administration or the Authority on the basis of agreements with copyright holders, unless indicated otherwise. All these rights are enshrined by the Administration.
2. You may not and agree not to:
• break or attempt to break, distribute, modify, transmit or part of Site and the information contained on the website for any purpose, except under the Agreement;
• use these intellectual property rights in public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Administration;
• Placed on the Site links without the prior written consent of the Administration;
• display, publish, copy, reproduce, publish or otherwise use the Site or the information contained in it in the interest of third parties or on other websites without the prior written consent of the Administration;
• process or otherwise use the information contained on the Site illegal, immoral or dishonest purposes;
• remove any signs of Intellectual Property Rights, contained in the materials on the Site.
You free pass Administration the non-exclusive right (simple non-exclusive license) to reproduce, distribute, translate and process and report material, added by you to the Site or transmitted Administration otherwise, by cable, wire or other similar means, therefore, in which any person can access it online from any place and at any time of their choice (right of making available to the public), and give their consent to publication and further use of his image in case if it is contained in materials, added by you to the Site or otherwise transmitted Administration.


1. Third party sites referred to on the Site is not tested and not selected by the Authority. Access to such third party websites and using them you are on your own and at your own risk.
2. Username and password provided to you for your personal access to the site and should not be disclosed or transferred to third parties without the prior written consent of the Administration.
3. In case you believe that your password has become known to others, you should immediately change it in the « Setting » or in failing to inform access Administration, as well as for unlawful acts committed with the use of your password are your responsibility, not the administration.
4. All messages sent by the Authority, and their investments are assigned exclusively to the recipients of such messages and other persons entitled to receive them.
5. Administration site and can automatically generate emails to inform or entertainment. By using the Site, you agree that you will receive these messages and these messages that you receive may be typical.
6. The administration has the right to cede the rights granted by you to third parties.


1. Administration provides services to entertainment and information services and consequently engaged in the transmission, storage, processing, translation and other actions with messages of third parties without their selection or change their content.
2. Do you agree that the Administration is not obliged to check the content of messages on the site and all the messages posted on the website on condition that the Administration is not obliged to monitor or evaluate them or materials that make them.
3. The views expressed in the message - it is opinions of the author and not the Administration, if the Administration does not claim otherwise. In particular, but without limitation, the Administration is not responsible for any comments, opinions or comments made in the report.
4. The administration does not guarantee the accuracy, validity and reliability of the information and material contained in the message or the Site and is not responsible for any loss or damage that has occurred as a result of the use of such materials.
5. If you are dissatisfied with the Site or the content of messages, contact the Administration.
6. The administration has the right to edit messages or delete them entirely or in part on your own.
7. The administration has the right to use information about users and content published on the Site by you and that are publicly available, in particular, in order to develop promotional materials, posting materials on the Site partners and other purposes.
8. You agree that you will not use the Site or so to post or transmit through the Site applications, materials and messages that:
• are illegal and may result in civil, criminal or administrative liability;
• violate the rights of third parties to intellectual property;
• contain harmful objects such as computer viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs or other malicious software or data;
• are or may be construed as offensive, pornographic, aggressive, defamatory, discriminatory, calling for violence, obscene, racist or stirring hatred;
• may be regarded as business or commercial messages, designed to promote the products or services of any person, other than the Administration or the Site;
• support any illegal actions, including but not limited to, terrorism, abuse, gambling, or the sale of prescription medicines, weapons or drugs;
• addressed to persons under the age of 18, or are intended to organize a meeting with persons under the age of majority, with the intent of seduction, or may cause such a meeting;
• contain any prohibited materials, including, but not limited to passwords, medical information secret government or military information or confidential information of any person;
• causing damage to the reputation of the Site or the Administration justifies or encourages, supports or triggers listed above.
You agree to protect the administration from liability arising from your use of the Site and your messages.


1. Administration site provides and caters for your entertainment on the principle of « as is ».
2. Administration is responsible only for services with reasonable care and does not guarantee other site.
3. Pursuant to the above, the Administration is not liable for losses and damages of any kind, including without limitation direct losses, lost profits, even if these were the result of circumstances of which you informed the Administration and the Administration will not be obliged to pay compensation including, but not limited to, in cases relating to:
• any inaccurate information on the Site, as well as interruptions and delays in providing services;
• violation by any person of any rights to intellectual property of third parties relating to the use of the Site;
• any damage caused by the influence of viruses or other malicious software that can infect your computer software and user data and damaging other objects if it was a result of access to the Site, use of the Site or receiving e-mail from the Administration and partners;
• availability, quality and content of other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties (« Third-party sites »), linked from the Site and any actions with third-party sites (related files « cookies & raquo ;, personal data, confidential information, buying domain names, etc.). With such questions, you should contact the administrators of third-party sites;
• availability, use and / or disclosure of any information or messages or any materials provided by your Administration unauthorized third parties;
• all guarantees and obligations covered by this requirement.
Administration does not guarantee that the work of the Site will be uninterrupted and error free.
Administration may periodically impose restrictions on the use of the services of the Site. The administration has the right at any time to change or discontinue the Site or services of notifying users or without it, not being with the responsibility for such change or termination.


1. The administration has the right to terminate this Agreement and immediately terminate your access to the Site if you breach any term of this Agreement. Also, agreement may be immediately terminated by either party on its own.
2. The Administration will not be responsible in case of failure to fulfill obligations to the Agreement if such inability occurred due to unforeseen circumstances, including including the failure of the Internet, communications, fire fighting, flood or other natural disasters .

General conditions:

1. If any provision of this Agreement shall not be Subject to the application, the following provisions shall apply to the extent possible, the most relevant intentions of the parties according to the Administration of the way, and the other provisions of the Agreement remain in force.
2. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Authority will be used instead of any other rules.
3. Issues not covered by this Agreement are governed by the laws of Ukraine.
4. In the event of disputes or disagreements related to compliance with this Agreement, you and your best hour to resolve them through negotiations. Disputes were resolved during the negotiations should be decided according to the procedures established by the Ukrainian legislation.

What is tracking technology, and how are they used?

The company AlLoveDi.com and our partners, for example marketing partners (list see here ), can use tracking technologies such as files cookie, beacons, tags, scripts and unique codes used in our applications. These technologies are used in the analysis of trends, administration of websites and applications, tracking user's transitions through websites or applications, and collecting demographic information about our database of users in general. We can receive reports based on the use of these technologies by these companies, both in individual and in aggregate form. We use these technologies for various purposes, including the operation of our shopping cart, the storage of user settings (for example, the preferred language), and authentication. Users can manage the use of cookies individually at the browser level. If you reject cookies, you can still use our websites, but the ability to use certain features or areas of sites may be limited.
We and third parties, whose partner services we use to provide certain functions on our websites or to display ads based on your activity in a web browser, use local shared objects, such as Flash application cookies, and local storage such as HTML5 , for storing content related information and preferences. Different browsers can offer their own controls to delete HTML5 data.
We use the partner services of third-party advertising networks to display ads on our websites or to manage our advertising on other sites. Our partners in the ad network can use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on this and other websites in order to show you targeted advertising based on your interests. Some of these ad networks are members of the Networking Advertising Initiative (NAI) and / or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), They offer a single place for refusing to receive specially selected advertisements. If you want your information not to be used to provide you with targeted advertising, you can opt out of it on the DAA consumer choice page and (or) the NAI consumer rejection page. Please note that this will not free you from receiving advertising. You continue to receive non-targeted advertisements of general content. Please also note that we strive to follow the self-regulatory principles of behavioral online advertising of the DAA alliance.

Receipt of additional information and filing of complaints

Each EU member state should create one or more independent government bodies responsible for monitoring the application of the GDPR regulation in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals in connection with data processing and facilitate the free exchange of data within the European Union ("supervisory authorities"). If you believe that allovedi.com has violated your rights, or if you want to file a complaint with the data protection authorities, please contact the supervisor in the country in which you live, work or in which, in your opinion, happened violation of data protection law.

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy or how we collect and use information, drop us a line via info@allovedi.com
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